Hamiltonban Township
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Hamiltonban Township - Township These two mine shafts are the only such openings remaining in this area that represents the once major copper district. A number of copper mines are found in this region and was one of the leading copper districts in the United States in the late 1800ís into the early 1900ís. This is the Reed Hill Mine along Copper Run. Many of the abandoned mines are now on the property of Michaux State Forest.
Hamiltonban Township - A sample of native copper in quartz found within the basalt in the Copper Run area north of Gladhill. Copper was mined from this area from the mid 1800ís into the early 1900ís. Many of the visible prospects are now on the property of Michaux State Forest.
Hamiltonban Township - Township This is a classic example of a diabase dike intruding older rocks in the Balley Quarry at Fairfield. Diabase is an igneous rock formed inside the Earth. A crack in the crust allowed the magma to migrate up through the limestone to fill in the fracture. The dike is about 15 feet wide.
Hamiltonban Township - The age of the limestones in the Valley Quarry at Fairfield has been debated for some years. Some geologists thought the limestone correlated with the Early Paleozoic e limestones in the Great Valley under Hagerstown, MD and Chambersburg. Others thought the rock was Triassic in age, matching those rocks surrounding Fairfield. In 2011, members of the Franklin County Rock and Mineral Club discovered dinosaur footprints while on a fieldtrip to the quarry. This is a Grallator footprint. This find placed a Triassic age on the age exposed in the quarry.
Hamiltonban Township - Along the CSX Railroad at the Jacks mountain tunnel is a great exposure of quartzite showing the intense folding that the rocks of South Mountain went through during the collisions that built the supercontinent of Pangaea. Walking the railroad is considered trespassing with permission.
Hamiltonban Township - On the Strawberry Hill Preserve is an abandoned quarry where volcanic slate was once removed. A close look at the rock shows crenulations which are small folds in the rock, reflecting the intense movement and pushing up of South Mountain during the Alleghanian Orogeny when Africa and North America collided 325-260 million years ago.

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