Menallen Township
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Menallen Township - This is a sample of basalt, an igneous rock that formed as lava just south of Bendersville. The rock is Jurassic in age and is a rare occurrence in this area. Notice holes on the surface? They were unfilled gas bubbles in the lava.
Menallen Township - With a small amount of imagination, one can picture a major fault occurring along the eastern slope of South Mountain. South Mountain contains igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks dating back to about 560 million years ago. To the east the region is known as the Piedmont Gettysburg-Newark Sections which contains sedimentary and igneous rocks formed during the Mesozoic Era (220-160 million years old). If we would dig deep enough along the eastern slide of South Mountain, we would find the contact between these two areas and find a definite line separating the Piedmont and South Mountain. This is known as the Border Fault where the Mesozoic rocks are faulted against the older South Mountain rocks.

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