Adams County Near Hanover
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Adams County just north of Hanover - Geology does not stop at a political or natural feature.  In this case the Lowlands Section of the Piedmont province advances into Adams County.  The physiographic section is well known for its limestone and dolomite resources.  The area is also known to geologists as a very complex area containing folding and faulting.  To the left is a picture of a fault exposed in the Vulcan Materials quarry. If you look carefully, you will detect displacement along the fracture and see calcite in the fault zone.  Nice calcite crystals are still being found today as Vulcan Materials is a very active operation.  However, collecting is not permitted by the quarry.

vulcan.jpg (71899 bytes)

Near Hanover - Although found from the Bethlehem Steel Company quarry (now known as Vulcan Materials quarry north of Hanover, this American mastodon manibal was found in a sinkhole in the early 1970ís. Other bone material of mastodons have been recovered over the years at the quarry.




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