Carroll Township
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Carroll Township - The first documented earthquake in York County occurred near Franklintown in June, 1997.  Three separate earthquakes gently shook the area with the largest recorded at 2.3 on the Richter Scale.  From numerous interviews with residents, returned newspaper surveys and knowledge of the local geology and earthquake history within the Piedmont, this isoseismal map was constructed showing where the greatest shaking was felt.  Note the alignment of the IV zone, which parallels a possible fault found as a result of fieldwork following the earthquake.  Jeri Jones joined forces with Dr. Charles Scharnberger of Millersville University, and Dr. William Kreiger of York College of Pennsylvania to investigate this event.


Carroll Township -  One of the most productive iron districts in York County is found about 1.5 miles east of Dillsburg, where magnetite was mined from 10 different mines between 1825 and 1890.  This is a recent photograph of the Logan-Longnecker Mine on Ore Bank Road.  This water-filled shaft dips to the right at 30 degrees and is about 270 feet deep.  Approximately 1.5 million tons of iron ore was removed from this district.  The Dillsburg magnetite deposit is one of Jeri Jones' favorite areas for investigation and is geologic similar to the Cornwall Iron Mine in Lebanon County.


Carroll Township - In Dogwood Hollow along Tuckahoe Road, this 1910 photograph shows the striving community that was associated with clay mines.  White clay was mined from this area from about 1910 until the 1930's.  Today, a rapid growth in urban development has destroyed several of these mines.  During the winter months,  many of the old pits, dumps, foundations, and railroad beds can be seen. tuck.jpg (62335 bytes)

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