Franklin Township

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Franklin Township - The Mont Alto Member of the Harpers Formation outcrops within the Blue Ridge Section of the Valley and Ridge physiographic province.  The exposure is located along the southern edge of the Camp Tuckahoe Boy Scout Camp.  The quartzite here is dipping to the right. 


Franklin Township - The highest point in York County is located within the Blue Ridge Section of the Valley and Ridge province.  A peak to the northeast of Stone Head and southeast of Camp Tuckahoe is at the elevation of 1412 feet above sea level. From this vantage point,  one can view several counties.  Here, looking south, the rolling landscape of the Gettysburg-Newark Section of the Piedmont is viewed. The most-distant ridge in the distance to the left is located near Pinchot State Park.


shsouth.jpg (18713 bytes)
Franklin Township - From Stone Head, looking north through Little Dogwood Gap, one can see a portion of the Cumberland Valley, the broad valley that separates the Blue Ridge Section (locally known as South Mountain) and the Appalachian Mountain Section (seen in the distance).  The Blue Ridge Section terminates just to the right of this photograph near Williams Grove, which marks the northern terminus of the famous Blue Ridge  Mountains of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.


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