Jackson Township
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Jackson Township - Many of the rocks within the Lowlands Section have been deformed through folding or faulting.  Pictured here is the Lower Cambrian-aged Kinzers Formation shale located in a railroad cut southwest of Spring Grove showing excellent recumbent folding.  This folding is associated with a nearby thrust fault. folding.jpg (162159 bytes)
Jackson Township - The Lowlands Section of the Piedmont physiographic province is known for its limestone and dolomite resources.  This is the largest underground mine in the area,  originally known as the Thomasville Stone & Lime Company, now operated by Southdown.  Although the operation has been owned by several different firms in the last several years, the quarry today produces mineral resources for a wide variety of products, ranging from ceiling tile filler, pet foods, agricultural purposes, and road construction.  Note the tunnel openings in the lower wall.
Jackson Township - The Pigeon Hills belongs to the Piedmont Uplands Section. Found between the York Airport and Abbottstown, the oldest rock within the upland is volcanic in origin. The metabasalt has been dated at about 600 million years old. Younger sedimentary rocks overlie the metabasalt. A number of iron ore mines worked along the foothills of the Pigeon Hills in the 19th century.

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