We Had Dinosaurs in York County?


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Model of a Buttneria skull found at Zions View, York County. Buttneria is regarded as a 7-foot salamander (metoposaur) and lived in swamps and rivers that once were located in northern York County during the Triassic Period, about 209 million years ago. Model on left courtesy of The State Museum of Pennsylvania..  Full bodied model courtesy of Howard Shimmel of York, PA   



This phytosaur, Rutiodon, was also found at Zions View, York County, This phytosaur reached lengths of about 6-8 feet. Zions View is regarded as the only Triassic site in Pennsylvania where dinosaur bones have been recovered.  Above - Skull of Rutiodon carolinensis from Zions View.  Left is top view;  right is ventral side. Bar scale is 5 cm.  (Diagrams from Sullivan and Lucas, 1999)

Skeletal reconstruction of Rutiodon carolinensis fom Zions View.  

(Diagram from Sullivan and Lucas, 1999)

Model of Rutiodon carolinensis from Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, CT.

Teeth of the Rutiodon excavated at Zions View.  Scale in middle is a dime.  Left tooth is a frontal tooth and the larger tooth on right is a rear tooth.  From the collection of Howard Shimmel of York.

The Trostle Quarry near York Springs, Adams County was the site of finding a number of footprints of Triassic dinosaurs. This discovery occurred in the 1930's while the quarry was operating. Possible tracks were discovered by Jeri Jones and Dr. Roger Cuffey of Pennsylvania State University during the summer of 1998. Specimens courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Mineral Museum.  Scale in right photograph is a dime.


The Gettysburg Battlefield is known for more than the famous battle.  The stone bridge of over Plum Run contains several specimens of dinosaur footprints.  The stone for the bridge came from Trostle Quarry described above.

How would you like to have a dinosaur foot track in your sidewalk?  Well, look carefully because to the left of the quarter in an impression of one.  This rock is in a sidewalk leading to a farmhouse in the York springs, PA area.  The rock making up the sidewalk and barn originated from Trostle Quarry.  There are two slabs within the sidewalk showing foot tracks.   

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