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Jeri specializes in educating all ages about the Earth, especially concerning local topics.
His love for geology is reflected in his teachings, as he passes his knowledge on to others to learn and enjoy. Either one of his established programs or a program to be custom-made for a class, organization or individuals is a great idea for a program or special presentation. Jones Geological Services has the below listed programs:

Jeri is a trained Facilitator for the Out of the Rock program in Pennsylvania and offers workshops for teachers through the York County Parks once each year. 

Classroom or Meeting Setting:

1. General minerals, fossils and rocks and how do we use them.
Show & tell method with hands-on.   Can include a drill core project searching for iron and gold using colored clay and straws.

2. Local dinosaurs - yes, we had some of the very first dinosaurs right here!
Includes participant drawing contest with prizes, local dinosaur fossils, hand- out pictures and other dinosaur fossils

3. The Rock Cycle - Students are assigned names and using a series of yarn, a large example of the rock cycle can be viewed
by all.  Examples of different rock specimens and their origins follows. 
100_2012.JPG (175903 bytes)

4. Earthquakes - Includes an introduction to earthquakes, why and where they occur, affects and how does a
geologist investigate an earthquake. Concludes with an actual demonstration and contest with a working seismograph. 
Can also include an exercise on locating earthquakes.

5.  "Our Place in the Solar System" program that includes a student-participation "human solar system", viewing the Sun through a telescope (weather permitting), short Space Shuttle launch home video and star chart handouts.

6.    Your Backyard Geology" -program is custom designed for any school, civic organization, scout group or library.  Topics that will be included are those found in your area, if it ranges from fossils, dinosaurs, important or "cool" minerals, earthquakes or caves.  A sample of a fossil or mineral will be distributed to each student for participating. 

7.  Panning for Gems - Have fun under the hot Sun panning for gems in a sluice box.  Students learn the art of panning and with some luck will be able to find some gem stones and pyrite (fool's gold).

8.  Tracking Dinosaurs – Using participants we show how important it is to find dinosaur footprints and what we can learn from them and trackways.

9.    Power Point Programs

·         Using Backyard Resources for Educating the Public

·         My Favorite Geologic Sites

·         Geology of York, Adams and Lancaster Counties (or a combination of)

·         Geology of the Lower Susquehanna River Valley

·         The Delta Story - A World Famous Slate Industry

·         Kennedy Space Center - A Behind the Scenes Look

·         Gold in southeastern Pennsylvania

·         Geology of Pennsylvania (Generally Speaking)

·         How Was Our Landscape Born?

·         How Did Geology Influence the Battle of Gettysburg?

·         Wonders of the Universe

10.  Video Presentations:

  • TimeWalk 1 - Geology of York County
  • TimeWalk 2 - Slate - The Delta Story
  • TimeWalk 3 - Triassic Park - Dinosaurs of York and Adams Counties        


Field Trips:
What better way to see geology in action with hands-on experiences. Custom trips are easily developed depending upon your interests. These are the areas being utilized by Jones Geological Services at the present:

  1. Geology of York County - trip to selected sites in the area to examine various geologic features and a general overview of the local geology. Trip can be adjusted from 1.5 - 6 hours.

  2.  Geology and Mineral Resources in the South Mountain area, Cumberland Co., PA.  See several springs, Hammond Rocks, Pine Grove Furnace and see fossils dating back 600 million years old. 

  3. Delta - The Slate Story - take a trip to southeastern York County where in the 19th century, the world's best slate was mined. Learn how the Welsh migration improved the mining technology. Visits include stops at the Slateville Presbyterian Church, Old Line Museum, Jones Quarry, Coulsontown and the Cardiff Marble Company. Allow 4-7 hours.

  4. Iron Mines and Furnaces of York County - a tour through the 19th century when over 170 iron mines operated in the area. With this important industry, five furnaces operated in York County. With urban development and weathering, many of these landmarks have been destroyed. Stops include Codorus Furnace, Rudy Bank near Hellam, Boyer Bank near Hanover, McCormick Mine and Dogwood Hollow mines near Dillsburg. Allow 5-7 hours.

  5. Scenic Geologic Features in York County - what a way to view the area by studying several of the prominent natural landmarks. Where is the highest and lowest elevation elevation? Sites to visit include Chimney Rock near Hellam, High Rock near Hanover, Accomac Gorge near Wrightsville and Ski Roundtop near Dillsburg. Allow 2-5 hours.

  6. Fossil Sites in York County - travel back through time as we uncover ancient life that once lived in the area. Stops will include Locust Lane near Emigsville where Paleozoic trilobites have been found, visit a site(s) where Mesozoic dinosaurs have been found and examine a sinkhole where Pleistocene fossils have been recovered. Allow 2-4 hours.

  7. Gold Panning - so you want to learn how to find the precious mineral? We can choice from several York County streams to pan from, based on your location and available water supply. GREAT PROGRAM FOR A SCOUT GROUP!!!!!!!

  8.  Geology of Adams County (or Lancaster County) - the trip will visit several key exposures, quarries or mines in the area.  By the conclusion of the fieldtrip, students will have knowledge about what types of rocks, minerals and fossils exist in their backyards.

  9.Geology of the Frederick Valley and South Mountain in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  See several important mineral resources in the area, study the topography and examine rocks ranging in age from 600 – 160 million years old.

      Jones Geological Services has organized field trips to localized areas in the past. These trips include the geology, mineral resources and environmental geology. These or a new trip can be put together to fit your needs. Areas in past tours include:  Pigeon Hills, Geology and the Gettysburg Battlefield, The York Valley - mineral resources and geologic concerns.

     Jones Geological Servicesworks with Magnesita in West York, Valley Quarries in Gettysburg, Caledonia, Fairfield and Chambersburg, Vulcan Materials quarry in Hanover and Buckeystown, MD, Rohrer's Quarry in Lititz and Weaverland Quarry near New Holland, Lancaster County.  We also work with Specality Granules quarry in Blue Ridge Summit.  Jones Geological Services has also escorted individuals and groups to other mineral and fossil sites in central and southeastern Pennsylvania. Inquiry about these possibilities.

All field trips include guidebook for all participants. E-mail us for more details and prices.

Listed below are clients of JGS:


Adams County PA Homeschoolers Assoc.
Adams County PA Metal Detectors Club
All-in-One Tours, Lancaster, PA
Aquatic Resource Restoration, Inc., Seven Valleys, PA
Archaeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake, Harve de Grace, MD
Ardentsville PA Library

Bald Eagle Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Assoc of America
Baltimore MD Mineral Society
Bethel United Church of Christ, Spring Grove, PA
Berks County Mineralogical Society, Reading, PA
Big Diamond Speedway, Minersville, PA
Boy Scouts of America
Brethren Home of Cross Keys, PA

Calvary United Methodist Church, York, PA
Cambria County PA Conservation District
Carlisle, PA Library
Carroll Township, York County, PA
Central Pennsylvania Rock and Mineral Club, Harrisburg, PA
Chesapeake Mineral Club. MD
Church of the Apostles UCC, Lancaster
Civil War Roundtable of York County. PA
Clearview Terrace Seniors, Hanover, PA
Codorus State Park, Hanover, PA
Codorus Stone & Supply Company, York, PA
Collinsville PA Library
Conestoga Valley School District, Lancaster, PA

Dallastown PA Area High School
Dallastown PA Golden Agers
Delaware Paleontological Society DE
Delaware Valley Chapter Gold Prospectors Assoc of America, Reading, PA

Delta PA Heritage Festival
Dillsburg PA Library
Dover PA Library

East Coast Gold Prospectors and Metal Detectors Club, Red Lion, PA
Eastern Federation of Lapidary and Mineral Societies
Eastern York Area Recreation Commission, Windsor, PA
Elizabethtown PA School District

Fort Loudon Library, Fort Loudon, PA
Franklin County Rock and Mineral Club, Chambersburg, PA
Frederick MD Community College

Geological Society of America, Denver, CO
Gettysburg PA College
Gettysburg National Military Park, PA
Gettysburg School District
Girl Scouts of America
Glatfelter Memorial Library
Glen Rock Library
Gnatt Excavating, Martinsburg, WV
Gold Panners and Treasure Hunters Assoc – Conewago Creek Chapter. PA

Gold Prospectors Assoc. of America – Delaware Valley Chapter
Gold Prospectors Assoc. of America – Mason Dixon Chapter

S. S. Haldeman Mansion, Bainbridge, PA
Hanover Library
Harrisburg Area Community College
Hellam Township
Homeschoolers Assoc. of York County
Homewood Home of Hanover, PA
Hummelstown Historical Society

Kaltreider-Benfer Library. Red Lion, PA
Kinsley Materials, York, PA
Kreitz Creek Library, Hallam, PA

Lancaster County PA Parks
Lancaster County PA Fossil and Mineral Club
Lancaster County PA Metal Detectors Club
LANCO Speedway, Brickerville, PA
Lapidary & Mineral Club of Montgomery Co., MD
Lehigh Valley Rock and Mineral Club, Bethlehem, PA
Lincoln Speedway, Abbottstown, PA
Lions Clubs of America
Little Archaeological Services, Tampa, FL
Little League Baseball Museum, Williamsport, PA
Littlestown PA Library
Lower Windsor Area Historical Society, East Prospect, PA

Margaret Thackler Charter School
Martin Quarries, Ephrata, PA
Magnesita Refractories, York, PA
Mason-Dixon Chapter, Gold Prospectors Assoc of America
Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA
Millersville PA University Geology Department
Montgomery County MD Rock & Mineral Club

National Earth Resources, Manheim, PA
New Salem, PA Lions Club
Northern Chesapeake Archaeological Society
Northern Middle School, Dillsburg, PA

Old Line Museum, Delta, PA
Olde Castle Limestone Products, Thomasville, PA
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Penn State, York, PA

Paradise Lutheran Church, York County, PA
PA Archaeological Society Chapter #28, East Prospect, PA
Pennsylvania Geologic Survey, Middletown PA
Pennsylvania National Guard, Indian Town Gap, PA
Pennsylvania State Parks
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
Pennsylvania State University Mineral and Gem Club, State College, PA
Pennsylvania State University York PA campus OLLI program
Philadelphia PA Mineralogical Society
Philadelphia Power and Light Company, Brunner’s Island, PA
Pinchot State Park, York County, PA
Providence Place Retirement Center, Dover, PA

Red Land PA Library
Red Lion PA Lions Club
Renfrew Heritage Institute, Waynesboro, PA
Remax Realtors, Hanover, PA

St. Thomas PA Library

Selingsgrove PA Speedway
Schulykill County Conservation District, Minersville, PA
Schulykill County PA Fair
Schulykill County PA Parks
Southern York County PA Library
Spring Grove PA Historical Society
Spring Grove PA Lions Club
Springettsbury Township, York County PA
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve, Fairfield, PA
Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Center, Wrightsville, PA
Susquehanna Speedway Park, Newberrytown, PA

Trailway Speedway, Hanover, PA

United States Department of Agriculture
United States Geological Survey, New Cumberland, PA

Valley Quarries, Chambersburg, PA
Victorian Villa of Dallastown

Washington Township
Waynesboro Library, Waynesboro, PA
West Manchester Mall Walkers
West Manchester Township
West Manchester Historical Society
West Manheim Township, York County, PA
White Rose Wanderers
White Oak Excavating, Manheim PA
White Rose York PA Lions Club

York College of Pennsylvania, York, PA
York County PA Heritage Trust
York County Library System
York County Parks
York County Watershed Association
York Daily Record
York PA Grotto
York Township


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