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Gold in Southeastern Pennsylvania


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     Matrix Publishing and Jones Geological Services are proud to announce that a new publication "Gold in Southeastern Pennsylvania with Collecting Sites in Adams, Lancaster and York Counties" is now available. The book is co-authored by Jeri Jones and Donald Schmerling. This 40-page publication looks into the historical documentation as a mineral resource and will show the favorite collecting sites by the authors. Geologic maps of the collecting sites are also included, as well as a detailed reference listing.


      This is not the first time that Jeri has worked with Matrix Publishing. In 1989, Jeri was co-author with Paul Chrastina on writing "Whispering Hills, a geologic description of York and Lancaster Counties written for the lay person. In fact, it could be said that this new gold publication is a reunion of time-time friends. Jay Lininger, president of Matrix Publishing is a long-time mineral collector and is the person who came to Jeriís assistance in 1966 when he needed to complete a 6th grade science fair project. This not only got the interest started in Jeri, but also peaked the interest of his father, Karl, who became an avid mineral collector until his death in 1988. Karl Jones and Donald Schmerling are really credited for starting the "gold rush" in southeastern Pennsylvania in the 1970ís, by discovering or rediscovering some gold sites. Although Jeri was in college at that time, he still tagged along with these two fine collectors and others including Martin Anne, Chuck Winkler, James Quickel and Bryon Brookmeyer when he was home. The story of how Donald and Karl started this gold search is also written in the book.


     Cost is $15.00 including shipping. Send a check or money order payable to:

Jeri Jones

Jones Geological Services

2223 Stoverstown Road,

Spring Grove, PA  17362


Mineral Articles


Dillsburg Iron Mines, York County, Pennsylvania (1980)                    $5.00

(coauthored with Jan Goodman)

Reprint from Rocks and Minerals Magazine

     25 different minerals are described from this 19th century Cornwall-type mining district including magnetite, garnet, datolite, sphalerite, orthoclase, selenite, fluorapatite and hematite.


Celestine from East Salem, Pennsylvania (1983)                                  $5.00

Reprint from Rocks and Minerals Magazine

     One of the most fascinating celestine occurrences in central Pennsylvania was located within the Appalachian Mountain Section.  Beautiful bluish crystals were discovered in the floor of the quarry.



Geologic Guides


Geologic Guide to York County, Pennsylvania (1981)                                   $20.00

     Jeri's first publication in the area includes stops within the Gettysburg-Newark Section, Lowlands Section and Uplands Section of the Piedmont.  Written for the lay person, 8 key stops are included that will give the reader a good basic idea of the geology in the area.  Individual stops describe Triassic sedimentary rocks,  Paleozoic sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, an 19th century iron mine, and several scenic overlooks.  Road log is included.


Geologic Guide to the Pigeon Hills, York County, Pennsylvania  (1997)  $15.00

     An interesting short trip through this highlands area north of Hanover.  Although the area is small in square miles, the geology is quite diverse.  Stops examine the Triassic boundary along Pa. Rte. 194, an active spring on Moulstown Road, metavolcanic rock on Beaver Creek Road and High Rock, a scenic overlook containing the Chickies quartzite.


York County, Pennsylvania Geologic Highlights (1998)                               $15.00

   This guide is similar to the 1981 edition, but with updated information and the inclusion of several additional stops.  Include in this guide are stops at Rocky Ridge County Park (scenic overlook and Hellam conglomerate); Codorus Stone & Supply Company quarry (dolomite); The Glen Rock Railroad cut (schists and quartzites); the 1997 Dillsburg earthquake epicenter; and, the Zions View Triassic reptilian fossil site.


Geology and History of Delta, Pennsylvania (1999)                                      $20.00

     One of Jeri's favorite locations for tours is the heritage-filled Delta slate quarry area.  Voted in 1850 as the best building slate in the world, thousands of tons of slate was removed from the Earth here.  The Welsh immigration greatly influenced the productivity of the quarrying.  This guide is full of historical facts about the quarries, the Welsh and the community.  Stops include downtown Delta, Jones quarry, Coulsontown, and the Cardiff Green Marble quarry.


Railroad and Iron Mining History of York County, Pennsylvania (2000) $20.00

     The opening of over 170 iron mines in York County greatly influenced the development of railroads in the area.  This guide presents an overview of the railroad history in the area and contains an inventory of all iron mines in the county.  Stop descriptions include Codorus Furnace, three individual mines in various geologic settings and Hanover Junction.


Geology of the Piedmont Lowlands Section (2001)                                     $15.00

     This guide travels between York and Lancaster counties looking at one of the most valuable limestone valleys in the state.  Known for its carbonate quarries, this section is also geologically complex.  Visits to Rohrer's quarry near Lititz (written by Dr. Charles Scharnberger of Milleresville University), Codorus Stone & Supply Company quarry in Emigsville and Baker Refractories quarry in West York are included.


Geology & Mineral Resources of the Gettysburg Area (2001)                   $20.00

     This guide coauthored with G. Patrick Bowling, P.G. describes some of the important geologic stops and quarries in the area.  Stops include Valley quarry, the importance of ground water to Gettysburg, the CSX Railroad cut, dinosaur foot tracks on the Gettysburg National Military Park and how geology influenced the famous Civil War battle.


Mineral Resources of Adams County, Pennsylvania (2002)                      $20.00

     Various mineral resources were taken out of the ground in Adams County.  The selection of stops were chosen to show the participant these various materials.  Stops described here included Vulcan Materials quarry in Hanover, the Hanover Borough ground water system, The Reliance Copper Mining and Milling Company in Hunterstown, abandoned copper mines near Mt. Hope and the ISP quarry in Charmain.


A Day with a Geologist Field Guide (2002)                                                      $15.00

     Did you ever want to spend a day with an earth scientist as they examine rock exposures.  This guide supplies information to several "key" localities in western York County and also allows the reader draw some of their own conclusions.  A variety of rock types are examined on this trip.  Stops include the Pa. Rte. 194 Traissic conglomerate;  Pigeon Hills metabasalt; the Glen Rock Railroad cut (schists and quartzites), Myers Road overlook; and the LWB Refractories quarry in West York.


The Geology of Adams County with a stop in Franklin County (2003)  $20.00

    Various stops including a detailed description of the Carbaugh Run archaeological quarry site written by Kurt Carr and others, the Comfort Mine area, Fairfield plant - Valley quarry geology, the dinosaur foot tracks on the Gettysburg National Military Park, Little Roundtop geology and how the geology played a role in the Battle of Gettysburg, and the diabase dike intruding the Triassic sediments in the CSX Railroad cut. 


A Guide to the Geology of northern Bucks County, Pennsylvania (2003)  $20.00

     The northern portion of Bucks County lies entirely in the Gettysburg-Newark Section of the Piedmont.  This guide gives the reader a general idea of what is found in the area as seen through the eyes of a geologist.  Stops include a dinosaur site in Souderton, the Rte. 309 Brunswick Formation roadcut, Nickamixon State Park spillway (Lockatong Formation) and a diabase exposure; Ringing Rocks County Park (diabase and hornfels), the Monroe Triassic Border Fault and the Durham Mine.  


Geologists Needed in York County, Pennsylvania Guidebook (2003)   $10.00

      This guidebook visits some of the classical locations in York County to examine various pieces of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic history of the area.  Stops include an iron ore mine in the Pigeon Hills, a railroad cut showing the Chickies Formation along the York County Heritage Rail Trail County Park, the Hellam Conglomerate at Rocky Ridge County Park, the Accomac roadcut where the Catoctin Formation metabasalt is exposed, the Stoney Brook diabase dike and the New Oxford Formation at its type site in New Oxford, Adams County.


Township Mining History and Geology Reports


All reports are $10.00 and were written for inclusion in their Comprehensive Plans or Anniversary books unless otherwise noted.


Springettysbury Township (1991).  Discussion of 19th century iron mines within the Hellam Hills, several sand and "slate" quarries; general geology and topography.


Hellam Township (1992).  Description of 19th century iron mines within the Hellam Hills and in Lowlands Section, abandoned and active limestone quarries, scenic geologic features, and general geology and topography.


Dover Township (1994).  General geology and topography; history of abandoned sandstone quarries producing ornamental building pillars; fossils and minerals and geologic history; rock descriptions and topography.


West Manchester Township (1999).  Report of operating and abandoned carbonate quarries, 19th century iron mines; kilns; fossil sites, geology and topography.


York Township (2002).  An inventory of the 19th century iron mining districts, general geology and topography; fossils and minerals.   


West Manhein Township (2003). This report an in depth look at the ground water concerns in the area.  Other environmental concerns include radon and earthquakes.  Geologic formations are introduced with associated mineral resources and structure. Mason-Dixon markers located along the southern border of the township are also shown.


West Manheim Township (2005).  A cooperative effort between the United States Geologic Survey, York County Conservation District and JGS has created more in depth database and ground water statistics.  Publication is on CD.  Price is $15.00.


2007 - Geology and Mining History of Washington Township, York County, Pennsylvania



"Time Walk" video series


Jeri and C. W. Kondor Media of York have teamed up to produce the "TimeWalk" video series. Below are listed each video:

1. TimeWalk I - Geology of York County - 30 minutes - 1995. Take a tour of York County through the eyes of a geologist. Walk on a layer of sandstone that dates back to 200 million years ago or examine a fault that may have produced an earthquake. Not many people realize that York County did have volcanoes some 800 million years ago, but Jeri will examine these and other highlights. Sponsored by Global Stone - PennRoc, Thomasville Stone and Lime Company, York Building Products, Codorus Stone & Supply Company and Baker Refractories. Video was distributed to all high schools in York County.

2. TimeWalk II - Slate - The Delta Story - 30 minutes - 1996. Delta, a small town in southeastern York County, contains a rich heritage of a mining era that reaches back in the late 1700's. Judged as the best slate in the world in 1850, the Peach Bottom Slate has been used world-wide as a building stone. Today, some 17 abondanded quarries are still visible along ":Slate Ridge". The area residents take pride in sharing their rich heritage as reflected in this video. Sponsored by Global Stone - PennRoc.

3. TimeWalk III - Triassic Park Dinosaurs of York County - 30 minutes - 2000. Jeri's favorite video is discussing the finds of reptiles and dinosaurs that were found in the last 170 years. The footprints and tracks of several species roamed through northern York and Adams Counties 208 million years ago. The key sites are visited with interviews from property owners, Dr. Roger Cuffey of Pennsylvania State University and Dr. Robert Sullivan of the Pennsylvania State Museum. Sponsored by Kreutz Creek Preservation Society, Global Stone - PennRoc and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Video was distributed to all elementary schools in York and Adams Counties.

Cost: Buy 1 video - $25.00

Buy any 2 videos -  $40.20

Buy all 3 videos -    $52.50

(shipping included)


Order videos from: Kondor Media

P. O. Box 3339

York, PA 17402-0339

or e-mail at KondorMedia@aol.com.

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