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Rockhounding Delaware, Maryland and the Washington, DC Metro Area

by Robert Beard,+Maryland+and+Washington+DC+metro+Area

Rockhounding Pennsylvania and New Jersey

by Robert Beard,k:Rockhounding+Pennsylvania+and+New+Jersey





25 Amazing Astronomy Resources - history, branches, and sub-specialties

Anniversary for Mars Curiosity - MSL investigation

Apollo Landing Sites - Go right onto the Moon yourself to see where we have walked

Astronomy Resources - neat page full of astronomy resources placed here courtesy of Brittany, Cleary Mountain High School, VA

Astronomy What Is It? - great site with lots of good information on space.

Cassini Watch - Examine recent photos from this neat mission and read about new discoveries.

Heavens Above - Great site for locating satellites with lots of viewing information

Inside the Space Shuttle - A cool look at the inside of the Space Shuttle cockpit, now a piece of history.

Making the Sun, Moon, and Stars Work for You - Great solar system site recommended by Mrs. Kennedy's classroom

Messier Catalog - A great site to investigate all of the nebulae, star clusters and galaxies belonging to this famous inventory.

Moon Phase Chart -  - Calculate when the next Full Moon will be.

NASA - keep up to date on space missions and research

Our Wide Sky - A great site for amateur astronomers

Space Weather - Current information on activity on the Sun

Stargazer/Starship - You want all of the information on astronomy, concepts and principles?

The Globe Program - Do Science with NASA

Wallops Island NASA Facility -  Great information to watch a launch from the East Coast

World’s Oldest Planetarium - Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium

York County Astronomical Society - Local astronomy club conducting educational programs




Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy - A great society in working to preserve caves and educate the public

York Grotto - The local caving organization in York County




Beyond 4'C's - Free gem classes
Center for Earth Science Education - Great resource

Central Pennsylvania Rock and Gem Club - Very active club in collecting and programs

Earth Science Laboratory Manual - Great resource for learning -  Great database of geology and astronomy resources
Geological Society of America - National Society to join
Maryland Geologic Survey - Loads of information and real-time seismic data

Mid Atlantic Fossil and Nature Trips - Opportunities to take an educational trip in the region

New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania Grand Tour - Take a tour of some key sites

North Museum - Wonderful spot to visit in Lancaster!!!!

PA Aggregates & Concrete Association - Want to find other quarries?

PA Geologic Survey - Maps, information and publications

Rohrer's Quarry in Lititz, PA - Great geologic teaching tool and resources

Science Explorers - An opportunity for youth to study science in a fun way at camp!

Short Geologic History of the Northeast - Great maps and information
Treasurers of the Earth, Ltd - a great outlet to purchase minerals, rocks and fossils

United States Geologic Survey Educational Center - Lots of good ideas for classroom fun

Home Preparedness Resource Guide - great reference for preparing for disasters including earthquakes - Thank You Natalie




Dinosaur Facts - A wonderful page for all of the information you need to know.

Dino Don Dinosaurs - Meet Don Lessem who not only excavates but also recreates dinosaurs

Dinosaur Foot Tracks and Trackways in the Northeastern United States -See if any dinosaur tracks are known close to you
"Lucy Lives" - Novel written by York Countian Mark Weaver - A great read
Zoom Dinosaurs - Great site with loads of information of dinosaurs, various species, state-by-state sites
Dating Fossils Blog - Thank you Vanessa

Pennsylvania fossil locations - although vague information still useful
Red Hill, PA Fossil Site - Information on a very important Devonian site
Ward’s Science - great place to purchase educational material





Association of American State Geologists - Find your state’s geologic survey

Eartquake Preparedness for Families - Safety advice as well as guidance on what to do before, during and after such an emergency

Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists - Hosting an annual fieldtrip in the fall.
Geologic History of Central Pennsylvania - from Bucknell University
Gold Prospectors of America -
Lehigh and Northhampton Counties Geology – Historical - Great resources for that region
Macrostrat Database - Find geologic formations all over the country
Magnesita - Local quarry in York area with special usage
Millersville University Seismic Station - Local earthquake real time data

National Earthquake Information Center - Great near real time world list

National Geologic Map Database - Find information on any geologic formation in the country!

Near Real Time Data for U.S.G.S. wells in Pennsylvania - Just how far will technology go!!!

PA - Great resource for educators

Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission - Information on historic preservation

Pennsylvania Map - Interactive map including the geology
Pittsburgh Geological Society -
Sinkholes - What causes them, effects and prevention

Water Watch - Pennsylvania Real Time Stream Current Data

World Seismic Monitor - Want information on the latest earthquakes?

York County Iron Furnaces and Iron Works - A great site for iron processing in the area
C & O Geological Attractions - a compilation of particular locations along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal that are considered “special” in terms of the rocks and/or geologic events that can be observed at them.

York County Soil Survey - Detailed soil map and information



Earth Magazine - Best resource for up-to-date information
Geological Society of America journals -
Journal of Geoscience Education - Great ideas for teaching earth science
Pennsylvania Geology - great free publication
Rocks and Minerals Magazine - A great publication for the novice or serious collector


Maps/Aerial Views/Books


American Geological Institute - A great resource in gathering geologic information

Ed Rogers Rare Books - Looking for a rare or out-of-print geologic book?

Fox Mining Books - Good outlet for mining history books

GeoScience Books - Catalog outlet to obtaining hard-to-find and out-of-date books 

Goggle Earth - View the Earth and celestial bodies like never before
MS Books - Great source of geology books and geologic specimens

Omni Resources - great source of all types of maps - both national and world wide

Topo Zone - A neat site to learn the basics of reading topographical maps






Acorn Naturalist - A great distributor of specimens

East Coast Prospector - Wanting to find information for the East?

Home Science Tools - Vendor of home tools and specimens

Minerals by Name - Great reference for minerals

MineralFest - Great database for finding mineral locations

Mineralogical Society of America - Web site for answering your mineral questions and current research

Pennminerals -  Great site for Pennsylvania specimens and collecting

Rocks and Minerals - Fun place to explore with loads of rock and mineral links

Ward’s Science - great place to purchase educational material







Kondor Media - Teleproductions and video services


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