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Speedway Clay Analysis and Consultation

Jones Geological Services has been involved in analyzing and consulting speedways on their racing surface for 10 years. We have managed to work with owners, promoters and track preparers on improving the racing surface for the safety of the drivers, stress on racing equipment and the enjoyment of the spectators. We know that dust is a part of the racing atmosphere, but excessive dust can be reduced. We believe that these racing conditions can be accomplished by using the right clay and not using man-made products.

Services we provide:

Clay Analyses
Determination of sand/silt/clay ratio and mineral composition
Plasticity and moisture stabilization and recommended use of the sample
Up to 2 samples/track - $150.00 (need about a pint-size container for each sample)

Material Loss
At least 2 visits to the speedway after weekly grading is completed and survey the elevation of the track to determine amount of clay removed. Usually conducted in late spring and fall to establish a year loss, but can be conducted per your request. Call for pricing.

On Track Analyses
Our recommended service that best benefits your facility where we take moisture and compaction readings at designated times of the racing program to “read” how the clay is performing relative to weather conditions. As part of this we observe the track preparation procedures and performance of the clay during the program. A consultation report will be forwarded to you upon completion.
Call for pricing.

Available Local Clay Resources
With this program, we will locate any available clay resources within your area and conduct the clay analysis from each site and prioritize the quality of each clay for their use on a racing surface.
Call for pricing.

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